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Investment location

Alytus Industrial Park is an advantage to investors.

Alytus Industrial Park is a territory of industrial investment, having optimized the processes of stability, speed and availability as well as being in harmony with the industrial local community


A possibility to start production rapidly due to prepared utilities in the industrial park, due to qualified and inexpensive labor force and efficient paper handling in Alytus City Municipality. Within one month from a visit to the municipality an investor can start investment activities – the land plot rent agreement is signed, construction permits are issued on the priority basis, the environmental impact assessment procedure is simpler.


The industrial park is an investment-friendly area. The industrial park investors  have significant long-term land and property tax exemptions, which depend upon the size of investment.

Individual solutions

  • Direct and efficient negotiations with the prime persons of the Alytus City Municipality
  • Support, care and consultations regarding business establishment and development.
  • The land plot size can be changed according to particular requests
  • When production facilities are built, there is a possibility to purchase the land plot.
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