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Labor resources

Stability. The foreign investors’ experience in Alytus shows that there is a very low staff change in the companies. This fact and a sincere and favorable position of the administration of Alytus City Municipality towards foreign investors give stability and opportunity to make secure investments, to start and continue business.

Population. There are 60 thousand of inhabitants in Alytus.  As per average population age Alytus is the youngest city in Lithuania.  The majority of the population is  30 - 44 years of age.  People in their employable age comprise 70 percent of all the population of the city.

Unemployment rate. In Alytus we have a bigger than average Lithuanian unemployment rate and cheaper labor force. Qualification of the workers, experience in industrial occupations, motivation to work and to improve is a perfect support to investors.

Educating specialists. Investors in Alytus  can have their qualified staff trained according to newly prepared programmes

Alytus college is the only higher education institution in the region, functioning since 1960, and home  to 1200 students. Alytus college educates specialists of the following fields: accounting, finance, management, company administration, transport,  IT.

Alytus vocational training center and Alytus labor market training center train for more than 100 vocational occupations: joiners, builders, blacksmiths, welders, machine operators etc.

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